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“Hi Fashion” Talks Tightie Whities & Tetrahedrons, Excitement Over New EP

As the perfect soundtrack for queer, springtime trysting, Hi Fashion (HF), the highly-acclaimed, L.A.-based, electro-pop project, has released its new single, “Eighteen,” complete with a twisted nip/tucking video (published above).

The group, an independently produced queer-run project, is currently at work raising  funds for its newest EP, “You Are Gorgeous,” which will feature the work of Kevin Seaton, producer and engineer extraordinaire. All of the money raised from the Kickstarter will go towards the production, publicity, and dissemination of “You Are Gorgeous.” In exchange for donating,  lucky folks will receive some seriously sexy schwag, like specially designed, Hi-Fashion ready-to-wear, for example.

As reference point for their fashion-sense, check out the video for HF’s wildly popular single,  “Amazing,” which features Drag Race Season 3 winner Raja serving Marie Antoinette amid a slew of hunks and goddesses–a troop that Hi Fashion travels with to performances around the world. you are gorgeous

In celebration of “You Are Gorgous,” we at WG took the opportunity to ask Jen DM and Rick Gradone, the duo behind Hi Fashion, several very personal questions on behalf of fanbois/gurls everywhere.

Q: For starters, what would you say is the band’s spirit animal/vegetable/mineral?

A: 1. Spirit Animal: Jody Watley

1. a. Spirit Vegetable–surprisingly for both Jen and Rick it’s Swiss Chard (!) all strength and bitterness rolled into one (plus Jen grows this in abundance on her farm in Echo Park).

1. b. Spirit Mineral: for Rick, it’s most disilicates but a few cyclosilicates, basically anything that refracts into a tetrahedron.

Q: Your favorite fan moment of all time?

A: After Jen shot the official music video for “Eighteen” and posted a photo of herself in drag, she got courted by MANY gay men. So many.

For Rick: he actually got proposed to in Sydney after a Mardi Gras performance. And he said yes.

Q: And finally, what is the least-known fact about HF?

A: We both wear Fruit of the Loom tightie whities.

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