Are You A Queer Artist?

Not only is Wild Gender a platform for trans/queer online publishing, but is a growing hub of gender-non-conforming writers, artists, thinkers and allies. Contact Wild Gender with an interest in publishing an article of journalistic writing, clips of audio or visual artwork, creative writing: fiction, prose, poetics and beyond, as part of our project.

Our online magazine is committed to publishing unique content that is conscious of the importance of all intersecting identities as related to gender-variant artwork, news and opinion. And we aim to amplify the stories of trans/gender-non-conforming people of color, people of a variety ethnicities, nationalities, differing physical abilities, and economic backgrounds. Keeping this primary purpose in mind, please send us any writing for review.

There are no submission guidelines or deadlines, only earnest volunteer editors who will respond to your inquiry quickly and work with you directly on any piece you’d like to write. We are hoping to evolve our writer community into a supportive environment for trans/gender-variant creators who are happy to collaborate, share stories, and edit together in person and online.

As such, Wild Gender does not require exclusive rights to any content, so anything you publish here can also be on your blog or elsewhere.

Email us with entries at: wildgender at gmail dot com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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