Uncategorized “Victim of Transgender Surgery” Interviewed By Sun News (VIDEO)

Published on January 5th, 2012 | by Wild Gender


“Victim of Transgender Surgery” Interviewed By Sun News (VIDEO)

“When we look back on this period, we will look at it as a period of intense shame,” says Michael Coren, host of The Arena (a widely-viewed, nightly TV show that airs on Sun News in Canada) about gender exploration and the use of hormones and surgery by transgender people.

In this clip, Coren interviews self-proclaimed “victim of transgender surgery” Walt Heyer, author of Paper Genders a book that “exposes and debunks the promises of gender change surgery and shines a light on the suicides and dissatisfaction that the advocates would prefer to keep hidden.”

This interview covers the breadth of “medical treatment” for trans people, including transgender kids and hormone blockers. At one point, Coren compares transgender people who have surgery to people with “mental illness” who self mutilate.

Ps. Ignore the cat-ad at the end of the video.


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2 Responses to “Victim of Transgender Surgery” Interviewed By Sun News (VIDEO)

  1. Klf says:

    Walt Heyer is a very sad, hurt man who attempted transition and failed miserably.

    I spent some time reading both his autobiography and his attack on transsexuals and their treatment. It’s more of a sad story than anything else, and now he is running around trying to argue that transsexuals shouldn’t have access to needed medical intervention because it wasn’t right for him.

    More here:


  2. Danny says:

    one unstable individual vs the thousands that have been able to go on and lead happy lives after transition. who are you going to believe?..i agree this is a sad man but it’s also pathetic that he assumes he is like every other trans person because he transitioned. no one has the same experience. not everyone had a horrible childhood with alcoholic parents etc..This man is a victim of himself.

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