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Queer Poetics: Truisms of Masculinity in 12 Islands

Island by Wild Gender

“Island” by Wild Gender















*Trigger warning: this poem makes reference to HIV/AIDS, grief and sexual violence

By Brody Wood

I.    there is a way to parse the strength of your hands into meaning something
you will pull them apart like wet fruit and it will hurt like the tips of stars
because it isn’t somebody else doing it for you why you need to be good with
your fortitude is as plain as how the space you take up meets the grass

II.    is there a way to be transparent with a poem about power? you take up as
much space as the moon the backs of your hands are round what’s the word
for this pleasure?

III.    decadence is a way out it isn’t reading Deathwatch in bed and believing him
and it isn’t a bad breakup and it isn’t irony and it isn’t rape apology and
accountability and it isn’t mundane tongue kissing and it’s not fighting in bed
Ryan Wayne White was expelled from school when he was 13 for having
AIDSand he died one month before his high school graduation when my mother
was 8 weeks pregnant with me decadence is when my clothes are wet when
that is more honest than the compartmentalization of guilt for accepting his
baton so I’m listening to Arthur Russell in bed and his throat clogs because I
have life it’s the displacement of honor the erasure of body decadence is how I
am fine alone with my homerun of sweating through it all

IV.    when you grow up you’ll be a man no matter what as much as you are
anything else the stuff of the earth is
it is a law to be as alone as an island
when you grow up you’ll be alone no matter what when you grow up you’ll be
an island no matter what when you grow up you’ll be a man no matter what as
much as you are anything the stuff of the earth is

V.    you don’t even have to die for people to miss you
a 12 year old boy in a Northeast suburb wrote “I think a boy should be strong
and fast. he should be fast because if a girl was having problems, he could run
real fast and save her. some mothers are faster than fathers” this is the wet
fruit I’m talking about

VI.    have I grown up yet? my godfather died when I was in the 8th grade his hands
were the color of eggnog my loss is where I am a child there is no other man I
want to know me in his guns with his linedancing born in Lewiston dead in
Windham he is a winter of his compounded hands

VII.    the way you let go is with your hands empathy isn’t honest or fair your hands
are the same size as the moon

VIII.    ability is ableist unless you have steadfast integrity in the way your body
grows and nurtures adversity “be careful, really careful, but do what you
want, when you’re ready” a 13 year old boy from a New England suburb this
is the wet fruit healing in a mouth

IX.    to opaque the worst parts of you the frost on your best friends arms his
runways how you want to know that frost and feel armlessness in it how I
want to rocket my whore, my heart, through you

X.    turn the lights off and go to sleep if you don’t want to look at your body

XI.    your family doesn’t need to know you if you feel good in that but somebody
will always know who you are
I was a white girl before I was a white boy what does that mean the oniony
loss of patience

XII.    back in a place where this list is the size of the moon by a hard light of hands
agency, sperm, truth, obsoleteness, tits, patriarchy, flowers, bones, authors,
labor, rape, lawyers, truth, consolidation, pregnancy, muscle mass, saliva,
death, passing, lust, truth, sensitivity, blood, the way you move, the way I feel


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