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News Roundup: Fund a Fantastical Multimedia Gender-Blast & a Zine Distro Prowls

Here’s a must see/hear from a group of Trans artists, the project is called Night Vision and is a conceptual multimedia collaboration interweaving music, visual art, and performance. The intention is to “explore the polarities between the visible and invisible, the natural and the supernatural; internal experience of gender, senses of heightened awareness, and encounters with spirits of the unseen world,” writes creator Elliott Harvey on the group’s Kickstarter page.

The music of Night Vision is the upcoming album by A Stick and A Stone, fronted by Harvey, a Philly-based male-soprano. And the new work will be accompanied by exclusive launch performances held mid-January in Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Providence, and NYC. At the performance, puppetry by Sean Glass will flicker across the stage during The Moon’s Craters. Experimental drag persona Ruby L.L. Voyager will transform from beast to cyborg during the song Vaccine. Circus arts by Rufio Goldberg & The Dandy Vagabonds, dance by Nerik Elliot with  Movement Brigade & Stone Depot Dance Lab,  Jennifer Turnbull, and David Konyk,, performance art by Shayna Sheness, Angela Vitacolonna, and Valeska Pupuloh, and animation by You’ll Get Cursed Out There (Adelaide Windsome), each performing to the song they have chosen, will take the audience across the journey of Night Vision’s subconscious underworlds.

As further accompaniment, a group of artists have created original artwork to accompany each song of the album. Including the alchemical oddities of Corina Dross, the mesmerizing mindscapes of Justin Duerr, the stark graphics of Erik Ruin, as well as original work by Mandy Katz,  Fiona BearclawJill Lavetsky, Abby Miller, Joshum Harpy, Katrina Avocado, Aaron Porter, and Annie Mok,, the illustrations will be printed as a set of posters included with the album.

Help Night Vision actualize its plans by donating on Kickstarter.


Zine Distro Prowls For Queers

Have a zine & need a distributor? Consign with The Alchemist’s Closet (AC) an organization run by Wild Gender contributor Zeraph Dylan. AC consigns zines by queers, trans people, feminists, anarchists and punks, among others. They are especially interested in consigning zines that are both political and personal, sexuality & gender topics in zines, and zines that are not carried by many other distros.

At this point in time, AC would be delighted to stock up some more zines by trans* folks, genderqueers of all stripes, herbal medicine zines, zines about challenges around ability, and queer poetry. Visit this link for more information.


Media Continually Shocked by Trans Folk

“They endure bullying and higher rates of discrimination in housing and the job market,” writes a shocked-seeming

 on behalf of KCUR, a National Public Radio station in Kansas. “But less obvious is the psychological toll that being transgender takes.  According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, a startling 41 percent of transgender people in the United States have attempted to commit suicide.”

This particular article doesn’t present us with any particularly new information, but it does include an audio interview with an eloquent Stephanie Mott, Executive Director of theKansas Statewide Transgender Education Project. Check it out if you’re in the mood for an inspiring project working on behalf of trans folk.


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