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Published on April 18th, 2012 | by Wild Gender


“Silver Wells” New Album by Mx. Justin V. Bond

NEW YORK, NY — Mx. Justin Vivian Bond–wild, witty performer extraordinaire and one of the “greatest cabaret artist of [v’s] generation,”  (according to the New Yorker)–is hoping to produce a new CD called Silver Wells with the help of kickstarter. As of now, v has raised over $5,433 en route to v’s goal of $16,000.

“Last year I was thrilled to self-release my first CD,” writes Mx. Bond on Kickstarter. “Dendrophile, which was funded entirely by my own savings and, although it was a bit of a hardship, I was happy I could do it. Since I was living in a place where my rent was relatively low I had more financial freedom then. Thanks to all of you who have bought, shared and enjoyed it, I was eventually able to pay myself back.”

This year is different, v said.

“I love being an independent artist and the freedom it gives me to do anything I want without having to answer to any corporate labels, pressure or interests. Silver Wells has been lovingly made strictly to please myself and my community.  But the price of that freedom falls entirely on me and I need help covering the costs so I can pay my rent, continue making records and not strap myself financially like I did the last time.”

According to Mx. Bond, Silver Wells was named for Joan Didion’s 1970 novel Play It as It Lays. In creating the album, Bond set out to chose songs that address Didion’s themes of dislocation, nihilism, postmodernist identities, and loss.

“I love this record,” v writes. “It contains some of the most beautiful, powerful and profound songs I know. I cannot wait for you to hear it.”
For those who donate $10 or more, Bond will send an autographed post card “personally sealed with a kiss in a lovely shade of deep luscious red lipstick.”

For $2,500 or more, Mx. Bond will make a personal appearance at your party and sing three songs for you and your friends. Backers of over $1,000 will receive two complimentary tickets to opening night of v’s new show and record release at 54 Below the new cabaret space underneath Studio 54 in midtown Manhattan on June 4th.

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