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Published on April 18th, 2012 | by Wild Gender


Trans Woman of Color Joins Cast of “Glee” Characters


After much acclaim for tackling gay issues in teen circles, ‘Glee‘ will introduced a trans teen of color in last night’s episode ‘Saturday Night Glee-ver.’ The show invites Unique to the cast, a trans woman teen, coming to terms with her identity.

Unique made her debut performance as part of the show choir Vocal Adrenaline, but not before approaching Mercedes and Kurt as Wade (played by Alex from ‘The Glee Project‘) who wants to present as a female-identified on stage.

When Kurt advises Wade not to present as Unique on stage, it becomes evident that the crew has much to learn about gender variance. Unique, of course, goes against all advice and brings the house down.

While Glee (and GLADD for that matter) are reporting that the character is in fact trans-identified, there is much confusion as to whether or not they’ve created Unique as a drag queen or a trans woman character. Either way, the inclusion of Unique’s gender variant identity is a new theme for the show.

Is becoming a Glee character another step towards the assimilation of trans identity? Or a real important move toward the health and welfare of our community? Tell us what you think and watch the video of Unique’s first performance below…

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One Response to Trans Woman of Color Joins Cast of “Glee” Characters

  1. Unnua says:

    I know Sue is supposed to be mean, but the way she was talking about gender in the two latest episodes, “Props” and “Nationals”, really turned my stomach. I don’t know exactly why it seemed so much more chilling than her usual insults but I was kind of appalled. Maybe it was because my expectations of her were raised after she made a point of calling out the girls on their making light of domestic violence. But no one would return the favor and call her out on what she was saying.

    I also continue to be a bit confused by Wade/Unique. My current theory:
    Wade is transgender, but Wade is not Unique. Unique is her stage persona. Like Beyonce has “Sasha Fierce”, this girl has Unique. In her everyday identity she may still go by “Wade” but she is still a girl.

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