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Published on December 26th, 2012 | by Wild Gender

Breaking the Silence: Violence Against Trans Women

By Emmi

The current socio-political situation of trans-women globally, and specifically in the U.S., is a great travesty but, it is also a source of intense political and social revolution and healing. To address and embrace this concern I began to do intensive research into the question of “Breaking the Cycle of Violence Against Transwomen”. This process resulted in my writing of a field reader and ultimately in my compiling/creating of an infobase related to this rich complex of issues. Using this base substrate I led a series of workshops, panels, and discussions to engage directly with the public about these issues and as well to learn what the hot-button pursuits are in the different communities most directly affected or in relative power. From this place of entrenched inquiry I was able to find a point of reference to confront the power structures I see most prominently and directly responsible. I found that the most direct structural culprits are neo-liberal global capitalism, colonialism, and unrestricted/inhumane globalization. Together these processes mark an imperative turn in the conversation such that the lives, struggles, and freedom of cis people, marginalized, and trans people alike are intricately interwoven and interdependent. I have found that two of the most direct lenses to study these phenomena in the United States are through the Prison-Industrial Complex and its resistors as wells as Indigenous queer decolonization, theories, methodologies and tactics. From all of these threads of praxis I have surmised four basic and imperative points:

1. The situation for transwomen, especially those who are additionally marginalized(ie. also facing racism, ableism, classism, etc.), is currently terrible.

2. The situation for transwomen intersects and is relevant to the experiences and oppressions of cis(non-trans) people as well.

3.Our liberation through and beyond repressive systems such as capitalism, colonialism, and globalization is interdependent and we urgently need each other.

4. There are varieties of movements and organizations already happening that need support and connection

This is the line of thinking that led to at Trans Gender Variant Intersex Justice Project (TGI Justice Project) event held on Nov. 18th called “Breaking the Silence: Addressing Violence Against Trans Women.” A video clip of the event is available below.

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